Why use the services of a translation agency?

7 Mar 2021

Do you lack the time to write your texts, or want to have them proofread by professionals? 

Perhaps you have doubts about the spelling or layout of your texts?

Or maybe you need help drafting official documents?

Enlist the help of a translation agency that provides a unilingual revision service!


A time-saver

Time is money!

Using the services of an agency that specialises in unilingual document revision will bring you considerable time savings.

It will leave you free to focus fully on your professional activities.


Proofreading by professionals

Professional proofreaders have expertise in a specific field, such as marketing, finance, health or culture. It is sometimes necessary to bring them in to end up with documents whose high quality is ensured by stringent checks, adherence to your style guide and the use of the appropriate terminology for the field.


Spelling and layout

It can be difficult to write texts without spelling mistakes, and French is a particularly complex language in this respect. Beautiful though the language of Molière may be, its grammar, conjugation and spelling are governed by very specific rules. These can be challenging to navigate, even for native speakers!

It is also tricky to spot spelling mistakes when you’re re-reading a text for the umpteenth time. That’s why having your text proofread by professionals is a good move!

A translation agency can also improve the style, consistency and clarity of your documents, because it isn’t always easy to get your ideas down on paper. Care and attention improve the quality of your written material.

The document layout is left unchanged, although different ways of expressing the same idea may vary in length.


Preparing formal documents

Certain situations in life require the preparation of a formal document – a grant application, for example. At times like this, it is important to submit documents that are flawless in terms of both spelling and style.

Whether you want your texts to be written in perfect French or simply to improve their quality, Azimut Translations will serve you with care and enthusiasm. We are proud to offer you a quality service, with short turnaround times and at the best rates.

Azimut Translations offers a proofreading and correction service for your documents: a language scan involving thorough checks of spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout.