Editorial and commercial translation

Azimut Translations offers customised professional translation services, with extensive expertise from and into French, Dutch, English and German, but also in other language combinations.

The translations we produce cover fields as varied as marketing, business, finance, politics, health, social care, education, culture and tourism, using the appropriate vocabulary in every case.

Azimut Translations guarantees:

  • a partnership based on trust
  • excellent editorial support
  • stringent quality control
  • no-nonsense pricing and compliance with deadlines
  • the capacity to handle numerous formats and unusual layouts
Editorial and commercial translation

Sworn translation

Marriages, house sales, deaths, recruitment…

As required by the Federal Public Service Justice for certain administrative procedures, our sworn translators registered with Belgian courts put their stamp and signature on their work.


Legalised translation

Has a government body asked you for a legalised translation as part of an administrative procedure?

Our sworn translators have their work validated by a competent Belgian court, so we can provide you with a translation whose accuracy and status are legally recognised.


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