Why use a translation agency?

7 Feb 2022

Do you need translations that are adapted to the specifics of your field?

Are you looking for a comprehensive, high-quality, tailor-made service?

Discover the benefits and expertise that a translation agency can provide.

High-quality translations


Translations are the mainstay of your corporate identity. To convey a brand image that truly reflects you, and to make a good first impression, they must be of high quality, whatever language they are in.

A translation agency will ensure that the essential criteria for quality translations are met in all your communications.

At Azimut Translations, our translators pay attention to:

  • syntax,
  • spelling,
  • grammar,
  • punctuation,
  • style,
  • coherence and intelligibility, and
  • layout.

Translations that reflect your identity

Translated texts should reflect your organisation’s cultural and linguistic identity. For this to happen, it is essential that the vocabulary, turns of phrase, and tone used are right for your trade, industry and market.

Professional translators will keep the texts within the proper semantic field and ensure they meet your target audience’s expectations.

At Azimut Translations, we guarantee accurate content and coherence in a wide range of fields including marketing, business, finance, social dialogue, politics, health, social issues, education, culture, and tourism.  

What’s more, over time, the agency builds up a translation memory that is specific to your organisation.


Fast and efficient translations

Working with a translation agency represents a significant saving of time and money for your company.

We work with a large number of translators who cover a great many language combinations and areas of expertise. The translation agency works quickly, provides a comprehensive service and takes care of your projects from start to finish, including source document analysis and checking, translation, quality control and formatting.

And that means that you will always have a single point of contact, regardless of the translation project.

Translations that represent a real saving

While using a translation agency costs money, poor translations can damage your company’s image.

Translation software such as Google Translate may seem like a cost-effective solution, but such systems make frequent mistakes. As a result, your content may be open to misinterpretation, confusing, or even misleading.

It may also be tempting to rely on bilingual colleagues within your company. However, you can’t just magically turn into a translator. Your colleagues may struggle to translate the more technical terms and so take more time to complete the job – time away from their work duties.

In short, translation errors can damage your company’s image and credibility, putting off potential customers. Entrusting your translation projects to an agency is the best way for you to make a solid investment in your company’s identity.